How To Store Live Crickets

Tuesday, February 11, 2020 2:19:54 PM

I love my sweet, darling little froggies, but I have to confess that I still have a hard time dealing with their diet. While I can deal with slimy little amphibians, the bug scene never really appealed to me. There are, however, ways to deal with crickets even for bug-sissies like myself.

Dealing with Crickets for the Squeamish Pet Owner

April 10, 1.

BocaJan said: I would get a rubber container from WalMart twice the size of the cricket keeper. I have found cricket keepers are worthless for more then about 50 as long as you are feeding them off within a couple days.

I cut a BIG hole in the top and put screen on it with hot glue.

You can also use double sized heavy duty tape, no burns. I am going to cut out 2 of my sides also because my Florida room gets warm and all they want to do is make eggs and die! This way they will have more ventilation.

Cricket Care Sheet

Oh, btw, I get a week. Click to expand I guess the question is where to store it though.

Cricket Facts and Keeping Crickets as Pets

We keep the keeper in our stand, where we can have the doors closed and they are out of sight. We live in a basement apartment with not a TON of room not that it's small, very comfortable and perfect for the two of us.

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While there is a storage closet, the furnace is in there though it stays kind of cool but I'm not sure how everyone would feel about crickets being kept in there, since there are other household things in it, you know?

How do you get the crickets out of those bins though?

How can I keep my crickets alive?

The nice thing about the keeper is it comes with the tubes that you stick in and wait for the crickets to climb up into them. We never have to touch them!

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