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Abdusalam Gadisov: "To me suggested to pass to MMA, but while my purpose — the Olympic Games" Tuesday, 10 SeptemberOne of the strongest fighters of Russia Abdusalam Gadisov answered questions of fans The Makhachkala Dynamo member is popular not less, than known football players, he has many admirers in Dagestan and beyond its limits. We were convinced once again of it when on social networks suggested fans of wrestling to carry out with their participation of interview to Abdusalam Gadisov. Many responded to this idea, all more than one hundred questions from which we chose the most interesting came. Not the best year in career Ksanka Podolskaya: — It is clear, what sports year yet didn't come to the end, but there is a wish to hear from you how you estimate the performances in the th? Call, please, the reasons why at present Anzor Boltukayev is for you the insuperable rival?

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That being said it might come as a surprise to hear a fighter actually eager to enter the ring against Martinez, but that's exactly the case with Ireland's Matthew "Mack the Knife" Macklin. Looking to further his career and secure another major fight in the middleweight division, Macklin signed with Lou DiBella's DiBella Entertainment, also the promoter of Martinez.

Happy New Year! I broke my best time in Rieti from last year.

After signing with Dibella, Macklin traveled stateside, setting himself up in New York City with a plan to stay through the remainder of and promote his name to the large Irish communities within the New York City area.

I felt it was important to move here so that I can build a fan base if I am going to fight here on a regular basis.

I'm determined to give the city and the huge Irish community here a fighter to be proud of," said Macklin.

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Macklin realizes that Martinez is vying for a shot at the only two fighters ahead of him on the pound-for-pound list, but he feels that if those fights can't be made, a bout against him, in New York City, on St.

Patrick's Day, is next biggest event out there.

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Being in a massive world title fight at Madison Square Garden is the stuff every boxer dreams of and it's close to becoming a reality for me now. The fact that it will be on St.

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Patrick's Day is just the icing on the cake. What he's done after taking up boxing so late is remarkable, but he's really a natural light middleweight and I'm a big, strong middleweight.

I believe that my size, strength and power will be too much for him. I think Darren Barker did better than people expected but I also think that Sergio underperformed that night.

Maybe subconsciously he thought he was in for an easy night against Barker and wasn't at his best because of that.

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On that performance, he was lucky he wasn't in the ring with me because I would have knocked him out. He'll have to up his game tenfold if he wants to hear the final bell against me, but I would expect him to and I wouldn't want it any other way. I want to beat Sergio Martinez at his very best, with no excuses.

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