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Friday, February 14, 2020 1:46:45 PM

Martha Benavides —left news anchoring to become full-time mother. KGBT uses this as a marketing ploy to attract a bigger audience, as its radar can accurately predict when severe weather will strike with accuracy to the minute. See below KGBT-TV also broadcasts a hour weather station to TimeWarner customers under channel digital cable onlyshowing off its live doppler radar as well as updated local forecasts. This feature is very similar to those adopted in most major markets, such as News 8 Austin 's doppler radar channel available to Austin Time Warner customers. He refused to comment on what happened other than to say that he was called in to the manager's office and within 10 minutes found that he no longer was employed.

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It was a platform of 11 people as a staff. At that time it was owned by Harbenito Broadcasting Company.

One in 6 adults will experience depression in their lifetime, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Those are the two ways I cope with my anxiety and my depression.

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I have depression and anxiety. She broadcast from her living room, without makeup and in comfortable attire.

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It just stays with you. Her doctor suggested taking a mental health day, which she said was helpful. She encouraged people to seek help. You are not alone.

'You are not alone'

The next week, she interviewed psychiatrist and chief medical officer at Tropical Texas Behavioral Health, Dr.

Daniel Gutierrez.


They talked about warning signs and symptoms for those with mental illness, and she used the TV studio, as her station is supportive of her endeavor. And she called on people to be vigilant to those around them.

While her primarily objective was to help at least one person feel supported about addressing their issue, she emphasized how important it is for everyone to educate themselves about mental health and become an ally.

During the video, Hickl referenced the positive feedback she was getting during the Facebook Live, and thanked people for their positive feedback.

The best part about free over-the-air TV is that once you buy the antenna, it should last you many years and you'll never have another monthly cable TV bill again!

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