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After three seasons of fights inside and outside the cage, blood and brokenness in all aspects, Kingdom came to an end tonight with the death of one character and the near fatal isolation of another despite his victory. Related Story 'Mr. Looking back over the run of the show starring Grillo, Jonas, Kiele Sanchez, Matt Lauria and Joanna Going, the duo discussed how and why it ended, being canceled after getting a fourth season, and whether there is more Kingdom to tell. The finale revealed from the beginning on the beach that Nate was killed, Why the reveal up front?

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At the same time, Jay Jonathan Tucker and Ryan Matt Lauria are preparing for their upcoming championship bout with each other, Nate Nick Jonas is determined to return to the cage and prove he has what it takes to make it as a fighter, Alicia Natalie Martinez is preparing for her first professional fight, Christina Joanna Going is trying to find her footing after overdoing on heroin, and Lisa Kiele Sanchez makes a life-altering decision that will forever change her relationship with Alvey.

Facebook Messenger Enjoy this first look at Kingdom Season 2," Netflix teased the fans of the Korean zombie thriller series with two still photos. Kingdom season 2 on Netflix is coming!
‘Kingdom’ Cancelled The last kingdom season 3 episode 4 The premiere dates for each season have been slightly erratic so far. Episode 3.
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Back in February, Collider was invited to the North Hollywood set which is also a working MMA gym of the intense and visceral series for an exclusive set visit to hang out, watch filming and chat with the cast of Kingdom. Be aware that there are some spoilers.

Here in though, things are very different. The last UFC event in Ireland sold out in sixty seconds.

Collider: What can you say about where things are going next on the show? When you started this show, how far ahead had you thought about where these characters would go and where they would end up? You write the first episode, and then you see what you have.

You know who these characters are, so you know the overall thrust of their life, but I like to leave it open to discover stuff, along the way. How they get there is something you figure out, along the way.

Had you always thought about Jay and Ryan having to fight each other, at some point, or did that come out of seeing where their characters were naturally headed?

The fact that they would be in the same weight class made it so that this was inevitable.

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It complicates things, not only between them, but it complicates father-son relationships and brother relationships. It also adds a lot of drama into the gym, which is always good.

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Since there can only be one winner of a fight, how will a fight between Jay and Ryan affect them? A lot of times, the winner loses more, on a certain level, than the guy that got beat.

With Alvey, it seems like you have to be winning to get his attention, so how will Jay and Ryan fighting affect him and his relationship with both of them?

Ryan is looking to Alvey to fill in some sort of father figure role, in the absence of his own father, that maybe Alvey is equipped for, but maybe not. So, that whole thing plays into the hot spots of those relationships. How do you deal with and figure out this show on a season by season basis?

Do you plan it all out first, or do you like to stay more fluid than that? You sit down and think, what is the overall arc of the season? Even those things that seem to be about two characters really affect everybody.

Our show is pretty tight and pretty insular, in terms of the relationships, so everything that happens really affects everybody.

So, we come up with some big moves and start trying to build around them. And then, a lot of times, those original ideas will just go away because the characters take it to another area. And then, I gather all of that information and start turning it into a story.

Do you find that some of the actors want to know way more about where their character is headed than others? You have to earn trust. All of these actors really take such ownership of their characters. They may ask a few questions, but I think they also enjoy this idea of not knowing too much.

I think it allows them to be more authentic in the moment, as opposed to playing a result that they think they should be going for.

I think that helps our scenes feel organic and lived in, as opposed to pushing a plot agenda forward.

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I doubt it would be 15 seasons. If, god forbid, this was our last 10, you could feel like the show was complete. This show definitely goes to some pretty dark places. If it feels inevitable, it just has to happen. I think we do a good job of putting humor in the show, throughout the show.

There needs to be a warmth in everything that we do on the show. I think these characters do a great job of making you believe that they all care about each other, on a certain level.

Whether they agree with it or not, if they understand why somebody needs to do something, you can do what you need to do to tell the story. Where is everyone at now?

Nate seems like the wild card, as far as what his journey will be next. What will we see from him? The more that he discovers about himself, the more that he clings to what he knows, which is fighting and the gym, and all of that.

We know that Lisa will be back, in some capacity, so what do you want to say about that? Her presence will be throughout the season, and it has a very profound affect on all of our guys and girls.

Her return will be a big moment for us. Why was it important to you to bring a female fighter into the story, especially one at the beginning of her career? There are women in all of the gyms. We aim to be true to life and as authentic to the world as we can, so to not have female fighters in the gym would just not have been real.

They may be at the cusp of stardom, or it may be over before it begins for them.

Kingdom returns with a knockout and a lot of doubt

Will we see any new characters, coming up? Do you enjoy getting to throw new people into the mix and seeing how that affects the current dynamics?

I think that has much more of a visceral affect on our main cast, when those people come in. Image via DirecTV.

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