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Thursday, November 14, 2019 1:32:58 AM

Recap RocketMyDog1 Slings app sucks so bad. You will wait all night to connect with any channel. Aeffesstoo Sling claims to be a la carte TV yet it is the same lame collection of packages that any cable or satellite company offers. Make it truly a la carte, let me not pay for cnn.

How Does Sling TV (DISH) Work?

You can use it to stream to your wi-fi enabled television or any other device and use it as a replacement for your more expensive cable TV package.

No contract, no activation fee, and a 7-day free trial to see if it's for you. It was available through Roku devices. In the years since, after signing carriage deals with numerous networks, renamed Sling in January and put under the leadership of CEO Roger Lynch, who was the executive vice president of advanced technologies for Dish Network.

I have to admit, their cable spots are funny: Danny Trejos is The Man! The Sling Orange service is a single stream, you can only view it on one device at a time. The Sling Blue service is multistream, you can view it on up to three devices at one time.

Premium channels right? They have practically everything. Where Can You Watch It?

Sling TV Channel List and Review

Practically anywhere with an internet connection. To watch on your TV, it needs internet capability. If you can watch things like Netflix on it now, it has internet capability. If you don't know or you are certain it doesn't have internet capability, you can solve that easily by picking up a Roku Streaming Stick.

Many cable packages brag about how you can get hundreds of channels, but how many do you actually watch? I kept a time journal one week and discovered that outside of basic cable, I only watched three channels: ESPN, History, and Discovery.

That's crazy. If you have TV watching habits like me, you need to give their 7-day trial a shot.

Sling TV: Everything you need to know

Or you should just cancel cable and see if you even notice! Besides illegal streaming, SlingTV is easily one of the best alternatives to cable television service. Best part, you can give it a whirl for free for 7 days. I know lots of people who tried it, while keeping their cable, just to see.

Some of them decided they preferred cable.

Many realized their TV watching habits didn't justify paying for cable. You don't get your local channels unless you're in select markets.

If you want those, you'll need to include an over the air antenna.

Sling TV: Everything You Need to Know

Those are dirt cheap on Amazon, it's just a matter of finding a good place to put it. On the Orange plan, you can only watch on one device. Blue lets you watch on up to 3 simultaneous devices.

If your entertainment setup is powered by a Playstation, Sling doesn't yet work on the Playstation. It probably won't work on it for a while because Playstation has their own competing service called Playstation Vue.

How To Change Or Cancel A Sling TV Subscription

You can record up to 50 hours of movies, TV, and more. Some people have had trouble with the streaming because they needed faster internet, you should consider that in any cost analysis.

Sometimes you realize there are shows on other networks that aren't on Sling TV. A week to try it out gives you a good sense of your usage, especially if you don't feel like keeping a log like I did.

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