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The discussion focuses on the history, sociology, and and effects on communities due to dogfighting. Further included is a discussion of the relevant legal issues raised in prosecuting dogfighting offenders. Introduction: What is Dogfighting?

Are Pit Bulls Dangerous

Belief is a strange thing. Belief conjures up real things from the ethers Belief brings forth monsters.

Dogfighting fact sheet

And angels, too. Everyone you know will tell you that dog fighters steal and use 'bait dogs' to train their dogs to be more aggressive and to be better fighters. I am here to tell you - that this is utter bullshit, and this theory does not hold water.

We don't claim to be 'experts' - as some like to say that we do. However, we do know dogs - specifically pit bull dogs - and we do have over 50 years combined hands-on experience with close to dogs of this breed. It is our belief that there are no 'experts'; as you can always learn something new That being said, when I met my husband, I had never even heard of a American Pit Bull Terrier pit bull ; much less ever seen one.

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I immediately fell in love with the breed. While it is true that our first 15 years involved in the dogs was breeding them, we did breed for the right reasons.

We have almost every book that has ever been written about the breed, even the ones glorifying the fighting dogs.

Brutal Illigal Pit

We not only have the books, but we have both read them from cover to cover, many times. When we bred dogs, we gave a copy of one of the most informative books to new owners.

We feel that one should know everything they can possibly know about the breed of dog horse, cat, whatever they are going to own, preferably before owning one.

Sugar-coating the bad parts fighting in this case - isn't going to help you, or especially not the dog.

  • Greg Cergol reports. Published Thursday, Oct.
  • The indictment further charges individual defendants with promoting or sponsoring a dog fight and with possessing, buying, selling, transporting and delivering a dog for fighting purposes. Lastly, these defendants were charged with conducting an illegal gambling business.
  • Email Police and humane society officials are investigating animal cruelty and dog fighting allegations against Portland Trail Blazer forward Qyntel Woods, who allegedly dumped a battle-scarred pit bull on a Portland street earlier this month.
  • Overview The following is basic breed information for anyone who is interested in acquiring a Pit Bull.
  • I was approached by the BBC 18 months ago with the idea of trying to infiltrate a dog-fighting ring in the UK. My views on animal welfare have always been strong and the thought of people fighting dogs makes me sick to the stomach.
  • Customer Comments Any dog of any breed can get into an accidental fight.

Pit bulls were bred to fight. They enjoy fighting more than anything on this earth. It is much like a Lab and duck hunting; or terriers being squirrel dogs Of course, not with the intensity that pit bulls do - but they do fight. Unfortunately, most people think it's 'cute' when little dogs fight.

Tips for Pit Bull Owners

And those same people most likely don't discipline their dogs for doing so It's not cute. But it can be controlled.

As with most any behavioral issues. You just have to have the right authority and basically, not take any shit The irony here is that we have two dogs in our rescue that were from our last breeding.

The Most Feared Dogs May Also Be the Most Misunderstood

And those very two dogs are the ones that we use to help train the dog-aggressive dogs how to be dogs again. They are extremely calm, quiet, happy-go-lucky dogs and do not pick fights with anyone - even when the fight gets picked for them.

The man, a local fantasy author who requested to be identified only by his pseudonym, O.

Why, you might ask? You see, true fighting dogs do not see a threat in most other breeds of dogs, at all. Think about this as it relates to people Let's take a UFC fighter. You don't see them walking around, puffed out, yelling about what a great fighter they are and they can whip some punks ass, blah blah blah.

36 Pit Bulls Rescued From 'Obscenely Vicious' Dogfighting Ring

Because there is no need. How many of the puffy trash-talking people that you know can actually back up what they say? Those that talk the most 'shit' have the most to prove. If you are confident in yourselves, there's no need for braggadocio It's the same with the true pit dogs. Again - most of what you see these days are not the true pit bull dogs will cover this more later.

Most of the dogs being deemed pit bulls these days are in fact more bullys and bullies. In any case, the 'fighting' blood has been watered down in favor of size. Still, the same principle is true. What, exactly, would a UFC fighter gain by running to the closest pre-school, waiting for recess, and beating up the kids on the playground?

Absolutely nothing. So, then, why would you think any dog, other than a pit bull, would do anything in the way of 'training' a dog to fight?

Scared of Pit Bulls? You’d Better Be

It would do absolutely nothing Are you running around killing cows in the field and devouring them? But, you eat meat!! I like my steaks medium rare - and I have yet felt the urge to butcher a cow when passing them on the highway As for a little history No dogs were made to fight - just like you wouldn't make your kid play a sport they don't want to play, or an instrument they have no interest in The dogs that would rather fight than breathe were then 'rolled' test fight with another, bigger, more experienced dog.

Again, as with people, giving them false confidence would not help one bit. Therefore, more experienced dogs were used to determine if the possible fighter had potential. Many times the potential dog would be 'rolled' several times before it was determined that he would be used as a fighting dog. One very important thing I feel the need to point out at this time is that fighting dogs were held to a much higher standard than most breeds of dogs these days in that any people-aggressive dogs were immediately culled killed - and thus their undesirable traits were not allowed to continue on in future breedings.

Only the best of the best were bred, which is why - atleast up until everybody thought they could breed a better dog - pit bull dogs were the most stable of any breed, ever.

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