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It's the first day of the NCAA tournament. Tennessee is playing San Diego State, a game that will come down to the final seconds of the second half and a win for the Volunteers.

The Fairgrounds Nashville

It seems like every time you turn around, some fighters are getting themselves into confrontations under dubious circumstances. Back on May 12, UFC lightweights Michael Chiesa and Kevin Lee got themselves tossed out of the fight company's summer schedule kickoff press conference after comments Lee made about Chiesa's mom led to on-stage fisticuffs.

All this unsanctioned violence—sometimes goofy, sometimes ugly—got us thinking: What are the wildest incidents of MMA fighters getting physical outside the confines of the ring?

Mixed Martial Arts

Turns out, there are a lot them—and we mean a lot. So many, in fact, that none of these most recent examples even made the cut on this list. So, what are MMA's wildest out-of-the-cage brawls of all time?

Read on to see if your favorite or least favorite? This marked the first time the pair was scheduled to fight for the light heavyweight title, with Cormier filling in for the injured Alexander Gustafsson. Jones bumped foreheads with Cormier, Cormier shoved Jones by the throat and then the two fighters sent the whole stage tumbling down as they toppled to the floor of the MGM Grand in a tangled heap of arms and legs.

The scene was utter chaos, and at some point it reached its goofy crescendo, with Cormier throwing a shoe at Jones. The melee also succeeded in turning former UFC media relations boss Dave Sholler into an internet meme. Wrong place, wrong time, Dave. Ultimately, the two fighters were each fined 10 percent of their upcoming fight purses and ordered to do community service by the Nevada State Athletic Commission.

They went on to be scheduled to fight four more times, but so far they have only managed to make it into the cage together once—at UFC in January , where Jones won by unanimous decision.

The Infamous "Strikeforce: Nashville" Brawl Live on CBS 2 of 10 Technically, this one happened inside a cage, but it makes the list anyway for what we hope are obvious reasons.

Whether Artem Lobov truly deserved a shot at main event status or not, both he and Cub Swanson came through.

The most high-profile brawl in MMA history kicked off just when we thought the show was over. Where's my rematch, buddy? Strikeforce lightweight champ Gilbert Melendez who also fought and won earlier that night was among them, as were Nick and Nate Diaz get used to seeing their names on this list.

Melendez shoved Miller out of the way and it was all the excuse the rest of the team needed to turn Shields' victory party into a full-scale throwdown—all of it airing live on the CBS Network.

Our intrepid writer enters the world of Nashville’s mixed martial arts

It has certainly wormed its way into MMA folklore, and eye-witness accounts still differ on exactly where the truth lies. As the legend goes, the after-party for UFC 38 at a London nightclub erupted in violence in the wee hours of July 14, , as Ortiz and his cronies clashed with Murray and his gang.

Watch these 11 Fights Now MMA is the fastest growing sport in the world due to its aggressive, athletic, and physical nature.

Who knows what really started it: Somebody sucker-punched somebody. Horseplay turned real. The kicker of the story is that as the combatants spilled out into the street in front of the club, Murray—a middleweight who finished his professional MMA career 1 no contest , including in the UFC—punched Ortiz hard enough to drop him.

Ortiz, obviously, disputes that claim to this day. He continued to fight until early , when he retired following a win over Chael Sonnen in Bellator. Murray chose a different path.

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After leaving fighting, he masterminded the largest cash robbery in British history and is currently serving a year sentence in a Moroccan prison.

The sheer length and scope of this brawl is amazing. In true Diaz fashion, water bottles, punches and kicks go flying as security tries in vain to rein things in and people scream and run around like extras in an action movie. The fracas appeared to have its roots in a longstanding feud between Nurmagomedov and Nate Diaz, who were briefly linked to a UFC fight that never materialized.

I cannot fight when there are a lot of people here. But when somebody begins fighting with me, I need to protect myself. While he never found sustained success inside the cage, his street-fighting roots made him a lasting fan-favorite.

This particular tale comes to us from UFC creator and co-producer Art Davie, among numerous other sources.

I took him to the hospital and he had 16 stitches inside his mouth. I forget how many outside.

Fight Night Nashville: UFC Fighters Meet the Tennessee Titans

Hammer House vs. Chute Boxe at Pride 31 6 of 10 Like the Strikeforce: Nashville brawl, this one technically went down inside a ring, but it makes this list anyway for its sheer bedlam.

Fans, however, got more than they bargained for immediately following the referee stoppage. They rushed the ring, causing an all-out free-for-all between the two camps.

Team Hammer House later apologized for the incident, but Chute Boxe refused to accept it. The hard feelings lingered on for some time. With nearly 30 years having passed since, the true story of this scrap and, with it, the blame is in dispute.

From the audio on the above video—produced by the Gracie family as it began trying to hype its unique brand of jiu-jitsu in America—things seem pretty simple: Punk Duarte had been talking junk about Gracie BJJ and so favorite son Rickson caught him on the beach to teach him a lesson about whose style reigned supreme.

But was it really so simple? Not according to Duarte and his people, who insisted the Gracies laid a trap for them, forcing Duarte into a fight he didn't actually want to have at all. They also claimed the Gracies edited the above video to make it look like Rickson dominated the fight, when in fact it was much closer.

Rickson Gracie was there to prove a point and slapped Duarte in the face with an open palm—the ultimate insult, and for years an act that necessitated a duel to the death. Surrounded by by jeering jiu jitsu students kicking sand and taunting, Duarte was videotaped being pummeled by Rickson. They were planning to get us in this trap for a long time.

It simply is. The declining years of well-liked former UFC and Pride fighter Don Frye have given us more than a few cringe-worthy moments.

Tennessee MMA Fighters

Unfortunately, Frye comes out on the short end of this one, at least in the footage we have. Near the beginning of the above video, Westbrook can be seen getting back to his feet and landing a series of strikes, dropping Frye to the floor.

The two men are then separated, though they may have scrapped again later in a different location. According PW Insider. Once the MMA show was canceled, there was a meeting at the hotel where the promoter Phil Flathers explained their wouldn't be payoffs since there wasn't a show.

Frye was attempting to mediate and keep the peace when Leland Chapman, who at one point was scheduled to fight, began mouthing off. After trying to defuse the situation, Frye finally chewed him out and offered to step outside.

When they did, "Frye was sucker punched" by Chapman's bodyguard as he exited the hotel lobby.

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