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Friday, November 8, 2019 3:37:14 AM

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Mac mojave adblock

Well, there are several ways to do it, of which I'll outline two. Cut down version for those that only want the method and could care less about the technical.

It's at the end of the post in spoilers.

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Method 1 - Firefox and Adblock Yes, Firefox has it's own ad killing extension in it's already large add on database. It's called Adblock, and it's awesome.

You can block basically any image, server, whatever. This means that you can even block the big TL banner at the top or the random "Project Wonderful" ads that pop up around Teamliquid, but since it's TL, and I think I'll get banned and this post locked if I give specific instructions on how to do it, I'll choose another ad server So let's do Google Ads!

How would you do this you ask? You just right click on the image in question, and select, Adblock: Block Image.

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Name of Webserver here. And there you go.

How to disable adblock on mozilla firefox

Any image can now be blocked. For specific images, you should choose a more specific filter. Now how does this apply for livestream you may ask? Well, although livestream ads are not images by themselves, livestream instead ports the ad server's stuff to your computer. With Adblock, you can choose to block the ad server themselves, thus save yourself the waiting time.

First subscribe to a blocking list EasyList is good enough for me , and check a livestream page to see if your ads are gone. If they are, great, but sometimes Adblock doesn't catch them all, so here's how you catch those others.

Acestream Mac Reddit

Go to any livestream page with a player kentor's, mine, ret's, nongmin's, whatever. Now in the status bar at the top, you should see this red stop sign with the letters AB or ABP on it. Click that button while on the livestream page, and you'll see a list of blockable items pop up.

Find the ad server that you want to block, and add it to your filter list. You'll find it eventually through trial and error.

Adblock browser

Then, every single time you move to a page that requests ads from those two servers, the ads shouldn't appear anymore. You might find that when you tune in, the video cuts out for a few seconds, but don't panic because that's just the livestream server trying to show ads and failing I think.

That's how Adblock works. Now for those that don't want to use Firefox or are unable to use it for whatever reason lol , there's another method.

Method 2 - Editing the Hosts File This method is very similar to how Adblock works, but it works differently. If you want a cut down version, the hosts file is basically like an I. P Address Book. Obviously this can be tweaked for great results.


Since it can't find anything, it'll end up showing a blank where the image should be. In any case, a step by step walk through to blocking ads through the Hosts file Open your Hosts file using Notepad.

You'll see a bunch of lines starting with. That basically means that the line is a comment and doesn't do anything other than enlighten you.

Ignore those.

Scroll down past the commented lines and input: Save the file and close it. That should be it. Enjoy your ad free livestream viewing!

Go a livestream page and check to see if the ads are gone. If yes, great. If no, follow the next steps. For google ads and adserver ads the two most common that I see, if they're not the only ones , you want to search up these two domains:.

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