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Well, cricket is the most popular and entertaining sports in the world. In india cricket is regarded as the second religion and people are very crazy to play cricket not only on the field but also in their pc or laptop. You can play this game with your friends and compete against other, play various modes such as T20, ODI and Test.

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Sure, all aspects of the game are there — bowling, batting, fielding and running — but you also get the chance to buy gadgets, build up your property portfolio and decorate your houses with cool stuff.

You can even buy a stable and kit it out with horses, then race them for money. As well as the standard Test match and ODI modes, there were challenges and nets, but the real character in this game was the other weird stuff.

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You could play with a beach ball for example, or use a cheat that gave your batsman super-human strength. It was also full of glitches — from wicketkeepers going walkabout to being able to bowl before a batsman had taken guard.

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But crucially, this was the game that introduced a generation of gamers to real cricket, and laid the foundation for everything that was to come. Don Bradman Cricket 14 PlayStation 3 For 15 years in the wake of Brian Lara Cricket, all cricket console games followed the same TV presentation style of delivery — camera looking straight down at the batsman on strike.

And in this article I decided to cover some of them. Cricket is counted as one of the best sports games which is popular all over the world.

In , and with the launch of Don Bradman Cricket, that changed with a new third person view, just behind the shoulder of the player when they were either batting or bowling.

This was paired with a new and more detailed controller system, replacing the simple button presses with joystick movements that needed to be correctly timed and placed in order to be properly executed.

Wrapped up in a detailed package — the highlight of which was an in-depth career mode where players begin at a county aged 16 and work up to captain their country — Don Bradman Cricket rewrote the rule book.

Perhaps long forgotten, it is well worth revisiting.

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The game itself offers four challenges, all centred around the idea that you are the last batsman at the crease in an Ashes Test — faced with increasingly difficult totals to chase down, will you be the hero or the villain? Shot selection is determined by the number keys on the keyboard that you might never have touched, with seven for example offering a back foot drive, and nine a pull shot — there is even a handy hints section which suggests a number immediately before the delivery.

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