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It also has Old Dominion University and, if you are looking for a post-secondary education in Virginia, ODU just might be the school for you. Although its U.

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What will the MBA program be like?

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Will I benefit from an online experience? Will I receive the same education as a residential student? Will employers respect my degree and see my education as credible? Will my job prospects expand? Will the program be worth all that I put into it?

Old Dominion University

ODU has a nationally recognized faculty that currently educate over 24, students and have alumni that span across all 50 states and 76 different countries. Having more than online programs available, Old Dominion University is one of the nation's largest providers of online distance learning courses.

Jeff Tanner: Some students expect the rigor of an online MBA to be less than that of a residential MBA; however, these are the same degrees with the same level of rigor. Students should not be surprised at the intensity of the online MBA course of study. Students need to exhibit even more self-discipline in an online program compared to a residential program in order to ensure their successful completion of the program.

Students need to be clear what they hope to get out of the experience. One of the greatest benefits of an MBA program is the opportunity it offers to grow one's professional network. However, the online MBA student will have to take some ownership in this part of the process to gain the greater benefit.

Jeff Tanner: Flexible — students can alter the pace of their program completion as needed. Unlike online MBA programs that are lock-step, cohort-based, ours is very flexible in this respect. Accessible — the program is available to students regardless of their geographic location.

Diversity of the student body creates a rich experience that rivals, if not exceeds, that of a residential program. Online students tend to have more work experience which brings additional richness to the class experience. Again, something to be leveraged in developing one's network, but it will require the student taking an active role in that development.

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We offer flexible program time-to-completion. Lead by full-time ODU professors with industry experience. Jeff Tanner: Successful applicants are able to demonstrate that they are a good fit for our program and bring experiences and skills that help create a vibrant learning environment.

We look for students who have significant work experience at the managerial level. We look for students who possess excellent analytical skills yet who are effective communicators.

Old Dominion University

We seek individuals who can demonstrate the self-discipline to be able to control schedule and work independently. The program stresses the core competencies that every professional needs to be an effective leader.

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Our students are prepared to take on leadership roles in their organizations. Jeff Tanner: The ODU MBA offers an environment for enrichment by offering numerous opportunities for networking and collaboration with our business, industry, and community partners.

Our objective is to develop ethical leaders with a global perspective who are life-long learners. They are leaders who are ready to tackle the challenges of a rapidly evolving, and increasingly global, business environment. Big Take Aways Leadership: A leader is someone who can guide and direct a group.

It takes self-discipline, focus, determination, communication skills, and perseverance to become a great leader. These are also characteristics that are needed in students that want to succeed in this online MBA program.

A student must take an active role and ownership in the process to get the most out of the program. Old Dominion University looks for these leadership qualities in their applicants, students who have managerial work experience, effective communicators, self-discipline to effectively navigate the flexibility of the schedule and the ability to work independently.

This online MBA program is designed to grow and enhance the leader's abilities to help them become effective leaders in the work place.

Diversity: There is great advantage to being a part of a widely diverse student body. As an online student, there are students from all over the world that are a part of this online program with you, studying with you, communicating with you.

The diversity of cultures, experiences, perspectives and understanding can add so much depth to a student's education in very unique ways.

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As ODU's objective is to develop ethical leaders with a global perspective who are life-long learners, the diversity of online students helps the school to achieve this objective successfully.

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