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Got a question? Hit us up by email at jay. What is the history behind the Lions and Cowboys playing on Thanksgiving every year? Has the league considered doing something different, like a Super Bowl rematch?

Jason Gay: The 32 Rules of Thanksgiving Touch Football

People never forget. We won the Super Bowl.

Mailbag: Why do Thanksgiving games always have Lions, Cowboys?

I had a part in us winning that Super Bowl and one of the big plays in that game, so for me that was my redemption. AP Photo Nobody expected the weather to turn the way it did on Nov. A sheet of ice and snow covered Texas Stadium that day 25 years ago, making it difficult for the Cowboys or Miami Dolphins to do much of anything.

With 15 seconds to play, Pete Stoyanovich lined up for a winning yard field goal attempt, but Jimmie Jones was able to block the kick.

Barry Sanders is the all

As the ball spun like a top on the frozen turf, Cowboys defenders ran away from it, knowing the game was over if they just didn't touch it. Except for Lett, who ran toward the ball, past a few Dolphins players, slipped and kicked the ball forward. Jeff Dellenbach recovered the loose ball and Stoyanovich made a yard field goal with three seconds left to give the Dolphins a victory.

I know I was coached [not to do that], so I never wanted to put it on the coach himself.

History[ edit ] The concept of American football games being played on Thanksgiving Day dates back to , shortly after the game had been invented, as it was a day that most people had off from work.

I know that the coach went over it. It was just a big mistake and at the wrong time.

Lett recovered a fumble in Super Bowl XXVII and was returning it for a touchdown, but he slowed down and stretched his arm out while holding the ball near the goal line.

Buffalo's Don Beebe had never stopped hustling and stripped the ball from Lett.

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After the Thanksgiving game, Lett remained in the training room, crying, wondering if Cowboys coach Jimmy Johnson would cut him.

Teammates consoled him and then protected him. So that was kind of strange to me. It might be a memorable moment, but it has not defined his life. He has three Super Bowl rings. He played in two Pro Bowls.

In , he earned a sociology degree from UNLV.

Best Thanksgiving Day Football Moments in History

Since , he has been a Cowboys assistant defensive line coach. As protective as teammates were of Lett after the Miami game, they remain so today.

Leon Lett is a respected member of the Cowboys' coaching staff.

How Cowboys' Leon Lett has come to grips with Thanksgiving Day blunder

Jason Garrett, who was Lett's teammate, helped him break into the coaching ranks. Courtesy James. He was that dominant of a football player. He was not supposed to become an assistant coach in the NFL for eight years. He grew into an all-state player at Fairhope Alabama High School, but his path took him to Hinds Community College because of struggles with his grades.

Leon Lett defined by more than one play 25 years ago

In 10 seasons, he had tackles, After his playing career ended, Lett got into the house-building industry, but football never left him. Former teammates, coaches and executives never thought Lett would become a coach, but the year-old said it was always part of his plan.

As a coach, the joy comes from seeing his players perform. On game day, he is among the first coaches on the field hours before kickoff. During the game, he is responsible for the line rotation. Best of NFL Nation.

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