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Wednesday, February 5, 2020 9:59:53 AM

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The club have some more talent guys who have the possibility of changing the line-up. If the figure change, it will be two or three man. Otherwise the line up will be same in the all effort of the game.

The former coach of Napoli will be serving for three years in the Stamford Bridge club. Anthony Kante became the equivalent of success in the English Premier League. Still Chelsea manager had to lose the throne.

Due to the failure of the World Cup, the incidents of coaching the crown of the coaches are not new; He was fired on behalf of the Premier League club. The dramatic turnout of the Conte, however, gave a lot of questions.

Italian coach Conte is at number two in the history of Premier League, winning two percent. Pep Guardiola is at the top. If you can not achieve success, you will have to leave the job, this is nothing new. But if the coach, who is at the peak of success, fails in one season, his goodbye will be gone.

Despite being still a month contract, Conte has been pushed out. Achievement: Since its inception in , the club has so far stayed in the top 10 of England football. They were successful at two times, one in the late s and early s, and from the late s to the present.

Chelsea won the first English league title in During the period from to , the club won a few other cup competitions.

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The team has consistently achieved success for the last two decades, winning 23 titles since In all, Chelsea have won 28 major titles in their history, including six league titles, eight FAs. Here the list of their achievement along with the year. Last season for the first time in Chelsea history, they wore the leading spor brand jersey.

The new Jersey for the season had come to the forefront of the club authorities. With the nike a few more changes are noticed in the jersey.

The jersey formed with Rush blue along with white color brand. Actually along with the two prime color one more color of Red included in the strips of front and back side.

The whole combinition gives a unique look of the jersey. The dress is more light than the past was.

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The boys will look gorgeous to wear it. The latest Chelsea home kit havepride graphic design in inner side. Along with the blue short and and white shoks the kit look very gorgious.

The shocks also made with the same combinition presence of red color. Away: Nike will release their first-ever yellow Chelsea kit for the upcoming season.

The kit launcehed on this month. They yellow jersey is a traditional color of the club.

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And it really look awsome with blue trim on the collar. The most interesting matter is that the short and shock made with the same color. That means the boys will wear a full of yellow look. During the Russia World Cup perod Nike launched the kit for the upcomin season.

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Chelsea Football Club, nicknamed blues located in the British capital London. It became one of the leading team in Premier League side. The club gradually became the top European giants and one of the most successful team is one of the most influential in the world. But the past condition of the club was not same.

Treasurer Roman Abraham changed the scene of the club after taking ownership in The club having world best roster as well as Alvaro Morata, Kante, Hazard, has established itself as a strong opponent in the English Premier League.

But they have to try best to established the team world best club so far. Here the short detail of the club in below.

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