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History[ edit ] The national team made its debut in the Independence Centenary Games held in Guatemala City in Septemberlosing 10—1 to Guatemala. Despite Honduras' overwhelming victory 11 to 3 against St. The scoreless draw from Jamaica's visit to Honduras ultimately allowed the Reggae Boys to advance to the next round. Hopes changed for as Honduras advanced to the hexagonal round.

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  • Due to the anticipated high demand for and limited supply of tickets to the match, U. Soccer will use a lottery system to allocate tickets among those who apply.
  • There were also three soccer players injured in the riot. The soccer match that was scheduled between the Motagua and Olimpia soccer clubs was supposed to be played at National Stadium in Tegucigalpa, the capital of Honduras.
  • Win and El Salvador is in Victory would give El Salvador seven points in the Group C standings and secure their spot to the quarterfinals. A win combined with a Jamaica loss would give them the Group C crown and the better seed in the knockout stage.
  • The issue of space is relevant in the context of the Soccer War because Honduras is about five times as large as El Salvador in square mileage[4]. The overcrowding in El Salvador resulted in a decline in quality of life for a large number of Salvadoran citizens, and many spilled over to nearby Honduras, which was less densely populated.

WATCH 3 dead in soccer riot in Honduras 0 Shares Email Three people were killed during riots before a soccer match in Honduras late Saturday when opposing fans attacked a team bus and chaos broke out between spectators and police.

At least 10 other people were injured, some seriously, according to the Honduran Red Cross. The game between Motagua and Olimpia was called off due to the riots.

MORE: 2 arrests made in killing of journalist during riots in Northern Ireland The rioting broke out after a group of Olimpia fans allegedly attacked the team bus carrying Motagua players at the stadium.

  • 3 dead in soccer riot in Honduras as opposing fans attack team bus
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Three players suffered minor injuries, according to the team. The club tweeted photos of their bus with holes in the windows from objects being thrown threw them.

The club shared photos of them in a local hospital being treated for cuts from the glass shards. Reuters Spectators react from tear gas after three people died in riots before a soccer match when the fans attacked a bus carrying one of the teams, at the National Stadium in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, on Saturday, Aug.

Reuters A spectator reacts from tear gas after three people died in riots before a soccer match when the fans attacked a bus carrying one of the teams, at the National Stadium in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, on Saturday, Aug.

U.S. Soccer Team Is Shut Out of World Cup After Defeat

Riot police were forced to fire off tear gas to subdue the fans who were fighting inside and outside the stadium. Liga SalvaVida, the Honduran league both clubs compete in, apologized for the incident.

To the families of the victims, our sincere condolences and solidarity in these moments," the league added.

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  • The coup happened in , as Noah Davis , esteemed person-who-has-been-to-Honduras-once, told me from the back of the shuttle. And what matters here is just that the coup happened.
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  • British Virgin Islands vs. Bahamas: 7 p.
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