Where To Watch Football In Budapest

Friday, November 15, 2019 1:20:45 AM

Below, we have collected some of the best places to watch the World Cup. It will be open every day between 1pm and 10pm.

JohnBull SportPub Budapest

Mail 0 Even though the Hungarian national team did not make it to the FIFA World Cup, most of us are following the events, and you might be looking for cool places to watch the matches.

A jug of cold beer?

Premier League Football

Delicious street food? A huge screen? Even if you cannot make it to the actual venue, you can support your favourite team through the screen.

Finance Minister presses World Bank to focus on problems that spur migration I arrived on Friday, at about 1pm, expecting glorious sunshine and 30 degree temperatures.

They offer cold beverages in recycled cups, without straws — in the name of environmental protection. You can park your car under the bridge at the Palace of Arts, but if you would prefer to drink some beer, you can also go by tram or the suburban railway.

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Photo: www. You will not be short of food and drinks either. The location is ideal for spritzers, with a breath-taking panorama, and the standard mega screens during World Cup matches. If there is only a few of you, you will have to make do with benches, but if there is more than 15 of you, you can swoop down on a comfortable sofa with a separate plasma television for only 2.

Best places to watch the World Cup in Budapest this summer

You can follow every match in the garden, where there is no entrance fee — you only have to pay for drinks. For instance, the Spitz Bar redid its terrace and opened up the roof so that football lovers can keep up with the events in the fresh air.

Premier league football in Budapest

They even have an indoor projector to solve the issue of matches broadcasted at the same time.

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