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The showdown is all set for the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas and you can live stream Fury vs Wallin as it happens - and no matter where you are - by following this guide. This unorthodox boxing style and showmanship means that any Fury fight is going to be just about unmissable. It's been just three months since the Gypsy King's last fight on US soil, following his impressive, quick-fire win over Tom Schwarz back in June. Fury vs Wallin - when and where What date is it?

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I was hoping Mayweather vs. Pacquiao would start a renaissance and help bring boxing back as a major sport in America. The only one you can blame is boxing itself. Bermane Stiverne, Wladimir Klitschko vs. Bryant Jennings, and now Mayweather vs.

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Not much boxing. In 36 total rounds, I saw zero knockdowns. I saw a lot of holding and hugging, and a lot of running. I saw three, round unanimous decisions.

No fighter in any of the three fights was ever threatened or even in trouble. Everyone was just playing defense, trying not to get hit. Fans are expecting engagement, aggression and action, but unfortunately, the system is not set up to promote and support that type of activity anymore. He might be the smartest fighter alive.

The judges today are giving decisions to fighters who use defensive tactics, and he knows that. He plays the system and he wins. There was a time when fighters would get points for being aggressive and engaging the other fighter.

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There was also a time when fighters would get penalized for hugging and holding, and avoiding the opponent altogether. And he won that fight. His defensive approach worked. One of the most famous fights in the history of boxing is Muhammad Ali vs.

George Foreman — the Rumble in the Jungle — where Ali used the rope-a-dope technique to win the fight. Ali sat on the ropes and played defense the entire fight, absorbing body blows and letting Foreman be the aggressor.

He did it to weaken the bigger, stronger Foreman so he could knock him out in the later rounds.

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That used to be the mentality — boxers went into the ring to fight. They wanted to knock people out. They wanted to take the decision out of the judges hands.

Today, instead of boxing for the knockout, fighters are boxing for the decision. Everything that was wrong with Mayweather vs. Pacquiao — which I feel was a good fight, just not The Fight of the Century, as it was hyped — can be fixed with a few simple changes.

First off, we need to change how referees officiate these matches. Referees need to be more aggressive in enforcing engagement.

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If referees are told to hand down penalties for holding and not engaging the opponent — including early warnings, taking points away or in extreme cases, disqualifying fighters — guys will engage.

This is the simplest and easiest solution to implement: strictly enforce the rules and hold referees accountable. Secondly, we need to change how judges are scoring the rounds.

There are four things judges look for when scoring a fight: 1. Ring generalship controlling the action and pace of the fight 3. Defense 4. Hard and clean punches After evaluating these four criteria, the judges award a 10 to the fighter who won the round and a 9 to the fighter who lost.

They depend solely on what they can see from their ringside seats. How can judges accurately score the round under these circumstances?

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  • At the time it carried mainly sporting events, such as major boxing fights. Ordering an event charged the viewer and then the subscriber's VideoCrypt viewing card would be activated over the air, enabling the viewing of the broadcast.
  • The pair started slowly with Jacobs jabbing and Alvarez aiming at the body.
  • Now he faced Jose Gomez, a fighter seven years his senior.
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The scoring system in boxing would benefit from implementing new technology that would provide the judges with real-time statistics after each round to use in their scoring. Why not give judges any and all information possible to accurately score the round? Additionally, judges should have to present a scorecard for each round laying out how they scored that round according the the four major criteria.

This would ensure that judges are scoring based on all four criteria, not just awarding the round based on one aspect, such as defense.

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Not only would this make the decisions more transparent, it would also make it easier for judges to give extra points for willingness to engage, and to take away points for lack of aggression and being passive.

Implementing these changes would also open the door for other simple scoring changes. If the goal is to get fighters to be more aggressive — and I believe it is — the scoring system can be weighted to favor aggression.

This would promote an aggressive and offensive style of fighting — which the sport needs — without taking defense out of the equation. The kind of boxing we saw in the glory days of myself and Mike Tyson, and before us with fighters like Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier.

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Look at all the other major sports in America, particularly football and baseball. Football is constantly evolving, from rules and penalties to the game itself.

Baseball is finally getting in on it as well, implementing replay and clock technology to make the games faster and officiating more efficient. The only major change in boxing in the last 25 years was moving from to round fights. A perfect example is Wilder vs.

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Stiverne earlier this year. Wilder fought for, and won, the heavyweight championship in Las Vegas in January, becoming the first American to hold one of the heavyweight championship belts since And only 8, people showed up to see it.

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Nick Diaz, two fighters coming off back-to-back losses. That fight drew a crowd or over 13, Boxing had the opportunity to start that movement Saturday night. I thought Mayweather vs. Pacquiao would be the fight to make the world believe in boxing again and that the sport could regain its popularity, maybe even create a whole generation of new boxing fans.

Mayweather vs. But their fight could be looked back upon as a turning point in boxing history — the event that sparked the changes that brought the sport back to the mainstream. If boxing could just open its eyes and embrace change.

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