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Monday, October 14, 2019 11:53:51 AM

The eastern two-thirds of the state especially the northeastern portion has a humid continental climatewith cool to cold winters and hot, often humid summers. Most of the precipitation falls during both the summer and the spring. The western third of the state — from roughly the U. Route 83 corridor westward — has a semiarid steppe climate.

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These forms can be turned into the schools or district office. There will be a championship and 3rd place match. Let's Go! John Tonight. Buses will run a little later than normal due to a bus driver being gone. If you have any questions, please call the district office at Kansas Ave. Main St.

Goessel Goessel School E. Ask questions and receive information about the upcoming bond election.

Derby High School (Kansas)

Please share and invite others. CH W. HS W. Concessions will be open early at 6pm with kickoff at 7pm! Kickoff is at , and the LRHS cheerleaders will be performing a dance at halftime. Little River and Macksville are both in district play. LR Congregational Church will be our next host on Oct.

All students and staff are welcome! LR Congregational Church is hosting breakfast. Great time, great food, and great fellowship!


Come-and-go from 5 to 8 PM. All USD community members are invited. Meal will be served from Sycamore St. Learning, of course!

Project based learning and student engagement so far and it is only ! Great day of volleyball at the Canton-Galva Invitational tournament. Keep up the great work Lady Redskins!!!

Pratt Skyline! Students do not have school on Monday. Kickoff 7pm! No livestream Volleyball at Canton-Galva tomorrow beginning at am. Macarena and chicken dance today! Please use the east front door entrance to the school. We have been trying to find a replacement opponent throughout the weekend, but we have not been able to secure a replacement team.

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Bring your brightest smile!!! Bring a friend for some food and great fellowship. The formal recognition ceremony for all senior fall participants is October 25th.

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Redskin JV FB wins vs. Bennington, Great Noise! Great Results! Pastor Rachel Pryor and Andover Lutheran Church will host a continental breakfast followed by fellowship and sharing.

All teachers, staff, and coaches are welcome to attend also. About pm Not on Sept.

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Your student should have a picture packet order form, or you may order online. We want to share resources that can help with recognizing youth suicide warning signs.

As a result, results are really different. Welcome to PredictZ!

Please do not hesitate to contact the school counselor if at any time you have a concern about your child. Coach has something fun in store! With no other options to get a football game going tonight, the JV Football game for this evening is canceled.

These students are learning skills that will last a lifetime and thank you for giving back to the community! We'll have rows marked off for the JH and HS student section.

Hope to see you there. Breakfast supplied by some area churches. We will discuss information related to monitoring and educating kids on appropriate technology use. Hope to see you there!! Should last about 45 minutes.

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