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Here are my picks for the ten best TV shows to learn English with. Friends A little piece of us all died when Friends ended in after 10 years on the air. The show literally has everything you need: sword fights, zombies, love stories, monsters, naked people, and posh British accents.

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Even more remarkably, the show has found a way to be politically relevant to the current moment without depressingly reminding you of the state of our nation.

The Good Fight (TV Series

A two-party — sorry, two-planet — system that divides those caught in the middle? Sound familiar?

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At its core, The Expanse is all about people responding to fear — fear of the other, fear of the new, fear of inequality, fear of death.

Strait makes for a good square-jawed leader, but most people would probably follow engineer Naomi Nagata Dominique Tipper , pilot Alex Kamal Cas Anvar or scene-stealer Amos Burton Wes Chatham into battle just as willingly.

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In particular, these characters have been allowed to loosen up as the series progresses — they have been given sex lives, moral dilemmas and individual arcs that make them, and the world around them, refreshingly three-dimensional.

There are no red shirts here. Everyone is expendable.

Some are new, some are old, some were cancelled long ago, some are ongoing, several are from outside the UK and US.

Everyone is putting their life at risk. As with a lot of science fiction, The Expanse could stand to take itself less seriously now and then, and its latest run of episodes has also lost some of its noir-ish charm from the first season.

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However, its willingness to mix up tones, and even its protagonists, has been laudable. Hopefully, between now and the upcoming third season, which Syfy has thankfully greenlit in an act of good faith, the buzz will continue to build and the show will start to get the audience it deserves.

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Mars needs viewers, people. The Belt is counting on you. Want more Rolling Stone?

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