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For the very little offers between 0 and 0. Get in touch. Think of it as your "My Documents" in the cloud. The data plans for OneDrive are as follows. For users of Microsoft's free or standalone OneDrive GB storage plans, it'll be possible to "try Personal Vault with a limited number of files," Microsoft's announcement indicated.

The past fifteen years in particular have seen an exodus of companies migrating their products from desktop clients to cloud-based services, and Google has been a pioneer of cloud-based freemium SaaS from the very beginning. That product was Gmail, and it changed everything—not just email.

They followed up that success with Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and more, a collection of tools that ultimately became G Suite.

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Today, G Suite is used by millions of individuals and businesses all over the world. The battle between the two tech giants shows no signs of ending anytime soon.

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Why G Suite was so strategically important for a company that has historically relied on advertising revenue. How Google retains the culture of experimentation it pioneered in its early days, even as the company has grown massively—and how this culture drove the development of G Suite.

In just one day, Buchheit created the first version of Gmail using JavaScript—the first email client to do so—and repurposed code from Google Groups. It was the first Google product beyond its core search engine and it would change the entire trajectory of Google as a company. Source: Time.

Initially, Gmail was invite-only. Most email clients at that time offered between MB of storage.

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As word about Gmail spread, Google was already hard at work on the next set of tools that would fundamentally change online productivity. Gmail for Your Domain allowed site administrators to customize Gmail for business use, giving them the power to use custom domains in Gmail accounts instead of the default gmail.

A hosted service like Google Apps for Your Domain eliminates many of the expenses and hassles of maintaining a communications infrastructure, which is welcome relief for many small business owners and IT staffers.

However, in hindsight, it was beautifully simple. It was a vast treasure trove of user data. In addition to billions of dollars, AdWords offered Google incredible insights into the needs and challenges facing small-business owners.

Challenges that Google Apps for Your Domain could help them overcome. The launch of Apps for Your Domain was the first step toward providing end-to-end productivity tools for small businesses. Users could access a range of tools to help them run their businesses, completely free of charge and with zero technical overhead, while Google gained even greater insight into what business owners needed.

Google was positioning itself to become indispensable to small-business owners.

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Google wanted to be the platform from which people ran their businesses from start to finish. Source: Google Blogoscoped Google wasted little time leveraging its new tools to expand further into the productivity space.

Similar to Apps for Your Domain, Apps for Education allowed schools and universities to use Gmail, Calendar, and other tools with their own branding.

Unlike Apps for Your Domain, which had clear commercial potential from the outset, Apps for Education was among the first of several experiments that Google embarked upon to learn more about new potential markets for its products.

Google was smart to target schools with its emerging suite of products. The free pricing and ease of installation were irresistible to overworked administrators who had been laboring with aging systems for years. Later, when Google restructured its pricing, Apps for Education would be practically indispensable.

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And, most importantly, Google was priming its future user base—school children—to use G Suite apps by introducing them to its tools early.

It provided Google with firsthand experience of catering to institutional organizations with legacy software systems and many thousands of users, a process it could later optimize and replicate when it began aggressively targeting the enterprise.

By , Microsoft had been the top dog in the productivity space for more than a decade. However, despite the strength of its Office product, which had more than million users as of , Microsoft had grown complacent. Although Microsoft would unveil a raft of new features in its Office product, the company was vulnerable when Google debuted Apps for Your Domain and Apps for Education in In October , Google unveiled the latest additions to its Apps range of products: Docs and Spreadsheets, its word processing and spreadsheet tools.

Docs was adapted from a web-based word processor known as Writely, which had been developed by the software development firm Upstartle that Google had acquired for an undisclosed sum in March This move was aimed squarely at Microsoft Word and Excel. Writely was notable in that it was built using the then-new Ajax web development framework, which allowed for updating of web pages without the interruption of page reloads.

However, the real technical challenge was adapting these tools for real-time, multi-user collaboration. Enabling multiple users to edit a single document simultaneously was a considerable technical challenge, which is one key area in which Google excelled compared to Microsoft.

Shortly after acquiring XL2Web, Google launched Spreadsheets as a first-come, first-served limited-access test on Google Labs, which was later rolled out to all Google Accounts to coincide with the launch of Google Apps Premier Edition in February At that time, more than , businesses were using Apps Standard Edition.

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Now, Google was ready to move into the enterprise more aggressively. All Premier Edition users were given 10GB of individual storage, a previously unthinkable amount of space for such an inexpensive product.

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After Docs and Spreadsheets joined the rest of the Apps family, there were fewer major updates to Apps for the next year or so. Google Sites was launched in February , but the next major release came over a year later when Google announced users could now sync their Premier and Education Edition applications with Microsoft Outlook.

This was a huge win for Google. The company had made no secret of its desire to compete with Microsoft in its most valuable market, the enterprise.

Companies could continue to use their Outlook installations to handle corporate email without the misery of actually using the Outlook product, the UI of which had become bloated and confusing even in All Microsoft got out of the deal was saving a little face and potentially losing enterprise customers.

In July , Google Apps officially exited beta.

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By this time, Google Apps were being used by more than 1. However, if Google really wanted to wrestle market share away from Microsoft, it had to achieve a delicate balance of developing consumer-friendly products that people wanted to use that also had the robust functionality that the enterprise clients Google wanted to attract expected.

Google would spend much of the next several years experimenting and refining its approach, including a lateral move into the hardware space, the rebranding of its ever-expanding range of tools, and the launch of several brand-new products.

By the end of Q1 , more than 2 million companies around the world were relying on Google Apps to run their businesses.

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Google capitalized on this momentum by launching the Google Apps Marketplace in March of

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