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OFSAA Fottball Bowl Champions : School Sport Canada

Live from OFSAA Team of students stream the action online It used to be that if you were a high school athlete competing in a game out of town, your parents and siblings found out how you did later that evening when you walked through the door at home and threw your bag of stinky gym clothes onto the floor.

Or by taking a day off work and making the trek to see you perform live. Not anymore.

Ontario Federation of School Athletic Associations

Today, such Rockwellian ideas have given way to a surge in social media blasts and online coverage driven largely by students.

This high-tech adjustment to the way we do sports is allowing mom and dad and grandma and anyone else to follow and even watch the action in real time from wherever they are. While the games are going on, 25 or 30 HDCH Grade 10 communications technology students and another group from Toronto District Christian High are operating three cameras, directing, doing sound, onscreen graphics and providing play-by-play of every bump, set and spike at three different locations.

Then streaming it online.

Think of it as TSN for teens, by teens. It costs the host school nothing except volunteer hours. Today he figures less than half of the provincial championship tournaments are aired live.

LIVE Streaming at OFSAA

Most of those that are being done are indoor sports which are far easier to cover than events like downhill skiing and golf. But he expects that within three years the number will exceed 75 per cent.

  • The London District Catholic board decided to draw up its own schedule with teams playing against each other, as well as against the two schools from the two French-language boards.
  • The event will feature hundreds of athletes from across the province, including a number of national team athletes.
  • Theresa and on Wednesday November 14, in Peterborough, Ont. The game will be streamed live online.
  • Please reach out to any adult in the building. If that's a difficult thing to do, speak to a friend who can go with you to talk with a teacher, counselor, or administrator.

The benefits are obvious. The extra eyeballs could also make attracting sponsors easier.

SFDCI to Host OFSAA Boys AA Basketball Championship

And allow university coaches to watch possible recruits. Rather than sending busloads of students to an event, kids could gather in the gym in front of a big screen and watch their friends compete a championship game. High schools are one of the most fertile spots in society for social media.

OFSAA Basketball GV on Livestream

For an athlete, having their name and photo pop up on Twitter — OFSAA has official Twitter accounts for all their championships that are passed on to the organizers to use from year to year — is a big deal. Having a big athletic moment richochet around the online hotspots is no insignificant thing.

Knights temper expectations ahead of OFSAA cross

The HDCH students behind this began preparing for this in the fall. Then on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, they worked as many as 12 hours a day to cover every single point of the entire event. The down side to all this? With the ability to watch their kids play, a whole bunch of parents are likely frittering away their day at the office with their computer screens locked onto volleyball rather than being otherwise productive.

Siebenga laughs at the thought. Reprinted with permission from The Hamilton Spectator.

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