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Thursday, September 12, 2019 6:53:04 PM


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Job done for Italy!

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China had chances but couldn't take them and were beaten by the better team. Italy could really do something special in this World Cup. China don't care and play on but another aimless cross hurled into the area comes to nothing. She links a couple of one-twos to get from the corner to flag to the China half, running at pace with space to attack but a teammate takes over and her clumsy touch ends the move.


They think Italy are time-wasting. Italy are keeping the ball in wide areas now, slowing things down Just wide.

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They're working really hard off the ball but on it the passing just isn't good enough and they're lacking a cutting edge in the final third. If they were going to score it seems like the mad panic in Italy's defence at the end of the first half was the time to do it.

Still, there's some time and if this World Cup has taught us anything it's that VAR can still make something weird happen. China deal with the cross and come forward, winning a free-kick in the Italy half.

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Italian fans are dancing and singing in the stands - not for the goal kick, just because they're happy. The ball bounces awkwardly, Linari misreads it Time is running out for China here.

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Her first touch takes the ball onto her left foot China keep up the pressure though and have another corner. That's headed away but lands with Han It's dipping but bounces in front of the goalkeeper and is an easy save.

Italy are working hard now to press China closer to their own box.

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These players must be exhausted by now. They're trying to play out from the back but China are pressing so high that it's really risky and just takes one bad touch to gift a counter-attack opportunity.

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China win a corner. It's hooked in, headed on China still have one Wang on the pitch, the previously mentioned number seven who had that shot over the bar. The new players have added to the sense of growing momentum here - Italy aren't safe yet.

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