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Monday, November 18, 2019 12:35:55 AM

How do I report fraud? In an emergency always dial If you've been mugged, badly hurt, or attacked in any way, or if you've just seen a serious crime being committed, then you should ring as soon as possible.

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E-FECT was formed amid a backdrop of rising e-commerce scams.

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According to the latest crime figures, e-commerce scams increased by Common scams involved electronic products and tickets to events and attractions, police added.

However, the investigation done by E-FECT was thorough enough to corroborate the scams conducted and the scammer has been charged in court, ASP Esh said, adding that he is unable to offer more details as it is still before the courts.

Some of their tricks include getting images of what appear to be legitimate tickets or make listings that seem genuine, she revealed.

Some sellers even provide images of their identity card or driving licence to add another layer of credibility in their listings, ASP Esh chimed in. This is why he advised consumers to be wary and opt for things like escrow payment, where funds are only released after the buyer confirms the receipt of the product or service.

Online marketplace Carousell, for example, offers its CarouPay payment option - which is key given that police said 70 per cent of e-commerce scams in took place on its platform.

  • Countering Crime has come together, with few resources, to fight one of the most alarming societal problems of our time. Many of us are experts in our field.
  • Five years is a very long time in cybercrime. In this period, we have witnessed the maturity of the digital underground economy, the emergence of hacktivism and the rise of botnets.
  • What Is Cyber crime? Threats to personal computers such as viruses and malware , large-scale attacks on our technological infrastructure—face it, high-tech crime is a persistent problem in the modern world.
  • These questions have been developed through the aid of law enforcement and the purpose is to elicit as much information as possible.

The alternative would be to go for cash-on-delivery payment, ASP Esh said.

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