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Thursday, November 14, 2019 4:41:44 AM

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Does Sports Direct treat customers as badly as staff? Its returns policy on their website is very poor and misleading.

They say they will refund or exchange. However under the Consumer Rights Act if the item does not match the description, is not of satisfactory quality or does not last a reasonable length of time then it is in breach of these regulations.

Therefore one does not have to pay return postage or this should be refunded. Sports Direct does not make the customer rights clear, it sounds like they might give you an exchange even if you want a refund.

Many people would not know that they could insist on a refund. When buying online you have 14 days from the date that you received the item in which you can change your mind. If there is no CRA breach then you would have to pay return postage.

Returns policies should be transparent. I do not believe that Sports Direct policy is do you? It is misleading for anyone that that does not know their legal consumer rights. It reflects badly on the business.

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So this kind of policy is counterproductive. Perhaps the CEO believes that so few people know about their legal rights that the company can make more money.

However, times are a changing and people are seeking out information to be better informed about the legal rights. Any company which treats staff that badly is going to have management problems elsewhere.

An example of a breach of the law came from Naomi who said that she had bought a rucksack.

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Within 1 week and no major weight in it, the strap ripped away from the bag. She was offered an exchange for a like for like bag or a credit note on a gift card to the value of the bag. She was of course entitled to a refund, even under the Sale and Supply of Goods Act as the purchase was made before 1st October.

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People who have taken things back to stores as faulty still have problems getting any redress at all. Unless the care instructions specifically say that you cannot put the footwear in a washing machine then there is enough evidence out there to say that you can!

Independent reports you can take to court! Do not be fobbed off by companies that behave in this way!

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See the book for help with not being fobbed off, advice, tips and guidance on how to complain effectively. Sports Direct Customer Service email cs sportsdirect. After this 30 days you will be entitled to a refund, replacement or repair but the retailer can insist on not giving a refund.

If the item you have bought online is in breach of the CRA though you are still covered by the 30 day rule and indeed up to 6 years for online and in store purchases.

The only thing that would be different is if a fault was pointed out at point of purchase and therefore reason for reduction. For the first 6 months the onus is on the retailer to prove that the fault was not there at point of purchase and after 6 months the onus is on the customer.

See Your rights, mail order, online and deliveries for more information and Tips for How to Complain to get that complaint right!

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